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What it's all about

Welcome to a site dedicated to all things gaming.  This site covers tabletop RPGs primarily, but also talks about miniatures/miniature gaming, war games, collectible trading card games, and even computer games periodically.  We also include some downloads of useful gaming tools, scenarios, and supplements; game reviews; and even some exposition and discussion of games in progress  And finally, you'll also find links to other sites that may be of interest, whether gaming-related or otherwise.

You can navigate via the headers in the upper right of this page, but if you want you can jump into things here as well:

  • News & Information -- The latest news and information from the world of gaming, at least in terms of what's of interest to us here.
  • What I'm Plugging -- Links to some favorite gaming as well as non-gaming sites.
  • Games -- House rules, settings, scenarios, character sheets, and so on for various games, including The HERO System, The Fantasy Trip, and FUZION.
  • About -- If you're going to poke around, you might as well understand where it's all coming from.

And there will be more to come:  More games covered, more industry news, more related links.