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About the Raving Gamer

I've been "gaming" (what we geek insiders like to call it when we're playing RPGS, war games, miniatures games, and card games rather than conventional board games -- yeah, we're cool, ain't we!) for more than three decades, starting with AD&D, then TFT, and then on to, well, frankly, hundreds of other games. I've also written and designed for CRPGS ("Computer" RPGS), such as the Ultima series, Ultima Online, and The Sims 3, as well as tabletop games, including AD&D (back when there was an AD&D in addition to plain ol' D&D).  My academic background is in English and Journalism -- not that you can tell from the drivel posted here (bonus points if you caught the dangling preposition about this page in the link on the Home page).

This site came about because, as my gaming friends will tell you, I have opinions on just about every single game-related topic imaginable.  Those friends foolish enough to have stuck around are unfortunate to have to listen to most of those opinions; if you're here, then you're lucky enough to see just the few I'm willing to own up to in public.

When I'm not doing important activities like gaming, or talking about gaming, or preparing for a game, or thinking about gaming, I like to spend time with my family.  Sometimes I even meander off the beaten path to get some work done.

So, with all this ego, why is this place called Gamers Rave (rather than the singular, Gamer Rave)?  First, even though I'm the one who developed or compiled most of the material on this site, the ideas, the thought processes, the play-testing sessions (the painful PC deaths...), were all very much group efforts.  Frankly, there's only so much credit I can get away with stealing.  Second, as time goes on, there will be contributions made more directly by fellow gamers, either ones I already know or new players met online.  (And I really can't justify taking credit for that kind of material.)  Thus, this place really is intended to be about gamers raving about gaming, and not just my own rantings.

If you want to send feedback, make comments, or just tell me how impossibly great my opinions and related gaming pages are, try me here.