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What I'm Plugging


  • Games from the Attic.  Used games at discount prices = more gaming love!  Or, maybe that's "more games to love...."
  • The Great RPG Swindle.  Links to lots of great paper miniatures to download (including a link to One Monk Miniatures) -- and they're pretty much all FREE!
  • The Escapist.  This little gem of a website is intended to educate gamers and the uninitiated alike on RPGs and Fantasy Games.



  • Regina Morris' author pagesSupernatural vampire action!  It's listed as paranormal romance, but as far as I can tell, it's about a vampire-run secret service protecting the president and ridding the world of baddies both mundane and undead.  



  • Dejamo's Distracted.  If you like to cook (or knit, or do other interesting hobbies), you'll want to check out this site.
  • AmeriPlan Benefits Network.  If you're self-employed, unemployed, or just plain don't like your health or dental coverage, give these guys a look.