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The Fantasy Trip

Metagaming's The Fantasy Trip (a.k.a., TFT); which is comprised of several products, the core being Melee/Advanced Melee (AM), Wizard/Advanced Wizard (AW), and In the Labyrinth (ITL); was my second foray into tabletop role-playing, right after the old, familiar granddaddy, AD&D.


TFT is an excellent game, and in some ways arguably ahead of its time when first released in the late 1970s.  It is surprisingly complete for its simplicity and size, and has offered decades of gaming enjoyment long beyond the passing of its publisher.  Over the passage of time, however, newer systems have been introduced, with what many would call more detailed, objective ways to address tactical elements as well as the intricacies of role-playing.  Without a publisher, TFT was unable to keep up with the gaming trends of the ‘80s, ‘90s, or the new millennium.  Nonetheless, the little game that could (and did!) still has a lot of merit, and with a few alterations remains relatively as simple as it always has, yet better able to capture the innovations of later systems.


Here are some downloads for use with TFT:


  • TFT_Rules_Update_6.0.1_web.pdf -- House rules used by our various groups for more than two decades of play.
  • TFTSheet.pdf -- A comprehensive character sheet for TFT.  The format could be updated a bit for clarity and visibility (who doesn't love more text cells!), but it covers just about everything pretty neatly.  It was built with the house rules above in mind, but should work for just about all TFT games (just ignore the spot for Luck and APP if you wish).